Whenever two people come together and their behavior affects one another, you have etiquette.
- Emily Post

Employees and staff are the centre of any successful business. Imaging and grooming empowers employees, so it is safe to believe that any company that caters to the customers will be seeking expertise in this field.

During trainings we will cover a number of important factors-

  • Professional polished and pulled-together Image.
  • Image trainings to reflect company's branding.
  • Conducting seminars, group workshops & trainings with demonstrations that will align your employees' image with your company's positioning and brand essence.
  • Styling of uniform, accessories & non-uniformed business dress Corporate Etiquette - Learning to portray the right corporate image of a company by displaying immaculate etiquette at business or professional situations. General business etiquette, protocol of introductions, business card exchange, shaking hands, and netiquette is some of the things learnt in this session.